Coolflow 5 Ozone cabinet

OAS High Tech “Coolflow” series generators, provide high concentration Ozone from 10 to 400 grams/hour in a compact modular format. This range is available as standard for process water, waste water and swimming pool applications. These industrial grade products are user friendly including remote IOT based control and monitoring while meeting both EU and FDA requirements. COOLFLOW series Ozone generators are quick to install and easy to control, having pre-configured digital and analogue interfaces allowing valves, pumps, gas flow sensors etc. to be directly interfaced. Alarms are provided for water level, flow rate, temperature etc. with accurate control of Ozone through a range of sensor systems. The touch panel LCD and internet connectivity provide both local and remote access to most functions for exceptional flexibility and peace of mind. Coolflow 5 Designed originally demanding vehicle


Key Features

OAS Modulo3 IoT Ozone controller is an ozone monitor and
controller for the industry that includes a remote-mount sensor and
is easy to use.

IoT Ozone generator

 – Direct interfacing to Ozone measurement instrumentation

 – Ethernet RJ45 connectivity for easy web-based monitoring and control

 – Inbuilt web server

 – Monitors system parameters over the internet


 – Digital and analog I/O. ie inbuilt automatic water pump and oxygen concentrator control, monitoring water
sensors and feed gas flow rate

 – Over temperature monitor with shutdown and alarm

 – Gas flow sensing with shutdown and alarm

 – Ozone output PWM controlled: Accurate Ozone output adjustment


 – User interface graphics LCD display with touch panel

 – Easy installation and setup

Equipped with the OAS Modulo3 Ozone controller, OAS manufactures Ozone generators/systems with Ozone
output from 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120 up to 210 g/h.