Modulo Topzone

Designed to be used in both air and water applications, our Topzone unit is the most compact of the range. Do you have a requirement to neutralize smelly water or safeguard the quality of drinking water? Topzone is the solution that OAS proposes. Being very efficient, Topzone still offers similar functionality to the big brother Coolflow series of Ozone generators. The TOPZONE Ozone generator is designed for small commercial, home and laboratory applications. The Ozone output level and timer functions can be user programmed. Topzone is mainly used in small drinking water, hydroponic, Jacuzzi and aquatic applications where control of bacteria, organic compounds and coloration are of great interest!


Healthy aquatic lives!


Water volume:30L~2500 L
Ozone output:250mg/hr
Power input:100 to 240 VAC input output
Power:11W Max
Power output:18VDC@0.8A
Size:16*8*5.5 cm

Key Features

Compared with Hydroponics, Aquaponics consumes less chemical as Aquaponics has more
natural resources generated by ecosystem between plants and fish. However, as
Aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture, there is more
challenge to overcome.

The most common challenges in an aquaponics are Ammonia level, oxygen & pH
level balance and water borne disease issues.

What is the source of Ammonia in your aquaponic system?

The most common sources are from rotten leafs and roots, fish waste and dead
crops/fish. Ammonia can be also caused by unseen biological processes i.e. feeding
habit change.

Ammonia is very toxic for fish. Even low level of Ammonia can cause big casualty in the
system and wipe out all fish in short time. 

Why is algae dangerous for your aquaponics farm?

Algae can swing Oxygen and pH level in the system. However, dramatic change in
Oxygen and pH level can also upset the system.

Apart from Ammonia, oxygen and algae, there are more threats in water…

No matter the irrigation water resource is from tap, ponds, rainwater or river, aquaponics
plants are not free of plant pathogens. Aquaponics system can be vulnerable because
critical problems such as bacteria, virus, parasitic, fungus and organic..etc. can be
spread around the whole system by water circulation and wipe out everything overnight.

Why can Ozone make your aquaponics system healthier?

* Eliminates root born pathogens including powdery mildew, Fusarium and
* Suppresses harmful substances like microbes, algae, bacteria, virus, fungus,
and organic.

*Compared with biological systems which takes much more time, Ozone removes
the most dangerous waste products Ammonia and nitrite immediately, greatly
reducing the risks of harmful imbalances.

Not only protecting against harms but also promoting growth without residual!

Ozone breaks down into oxygen and boosts the level of oxygen in the water. This
oxygen enriched environment promotes faster nutrient uptake for plants which improves
plant health and growth. 

Ozone – Your Super Aquaponics Tool

Ozone generator is the most cost effective solution to 

* Get Better Yield
* Save costs in sterilizing the aquaponics system
* Raising ORP/Oxygen for healthier aquatics

Why OAS Topzone Aquaponics Ozone generator?

No replacement parts required, saving time and money!
Ozone output goes down over time due to material aging of Ozone cell where the heart
of an Ozonizer is. Ozone cell becomes the replaceable part which costs money.
Topzone hydroponics Ozonizer doesn’t require any replacement parts by you just simply
opening and cleaning the Ozone cell when Ozone output goes down.

Durable double ceramic Ozone cell for highest reliability
When Ozone cell is made of fragile material like quartz tube, once the Ozone cell is
damaged, Ozone output goes down accordingly. Unique Topzone Ozonizer high
precision double ceramic solution ensures higher reliability and life span.

Adjustable Ozone level and output time period 
The adjustable Ozone level and output time period function enable you to fine tune your
settings according to your water volume and livestock loading. 

Ozone is such a powerful solution. But how to make sure Ozone
amount is right for your farm?

Like many things in life, too much of something good doesn’t always mean good. Ozone
in aquaponics is the same, therefore to keeping accurate and coherent Ozone level is a
key for maintaining the system healthy and productive.

SimuCare provides real-time monitoring and precise control of ORP which is related to
Ozone level to preset values by connecting Topzone Aquaponics Ozone generator to
maintain optimal settings for vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

NOT only ORP, SimuCare can also allows you to monitor pH, EC(TDS) and water
temperature and regulate the parameters to keep the balance of your system!

Is it possible to keep an eye on this over internet at anytime

Yes, it is possible through SimuCon gateway box.