CoolFlow Series


Larger Application

OAS High Tech “Coolflow” series generators, provide high concentration Ozone from 10 to 400 grams/hour in a compact modular format. This range is available as standard for process water, waste water and swimming pool applications.  These industrial grade products are user friendly including remote IOT based control and monitoring while meeting both EU and FDA requirements.


COOLFLOW series Ozone generators are quick to install and easy to control, having pre-configured digital and analogue interfaces allowing valves, pumps, gas flow sensors etc. to be directly interfaced. Alarms are provided for water level, flow rate, temperature etc. with accurate control of Ozone through a range of sensor systems. The touch panel LCD  and internet connectivity provide both local and remote access to most functions for exceptional flexibility and peace of mind.

Coolflow 5

Designed originally demanding vehicle washing applications, Coolflow 5 is also widely used in aquaculture, hydroponics and fish farms applications.

Coolflow 12

The Coolflow 12 has been designed to answer market demands for small private swimming pool applications, with up to 100 cbm water capacity. OAS also provides this version of our Coolflow systems to small scale food processes and for customers specialized in large scale aquaculture, hydroponics and fish farms applications.

Customers Say

Coolflow 25

The Coolflow 25, is our big brother of the range having been developed for food and beverage companies needs, now utilising OAS ozone generators for bigger food processing requirements.


Model Coolflow 5
Power consumption 80w
Power Input 110/240v
Ozone Output 5 g/h

Model Coolflow 12
Power consumption 140w
Power Input 110/240v
Ozone Output 12 g/h

Model Coolflow 25
Power consumption 250w
Power Input 110/240v
Ozone Output 25 g/h


Coolflow 5, Coolflow 12, Coolflow 25